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 Transportation : Infrastructure 

  • Expand and invest in rail systems and create accessible transportation for low income communities, invest in these communities, and create a safe and transit system that works for all. 

  • Invest in a national high speed rail system. 

  • Stop by-passing low income communities, while at the same time waiting long periods of time for more affluent neighborhoods - accountability 

  • Invest in our communities and build pathways to success and health care

  • Invest and revitalize highways and expand to tackle the commute crisis 

  • Fight for and expand healthcare and union representation for all transportation workers; rail, aviation, commercial, etc.

  • Work to create a safe and welcoming travel environment 

  • Fight for frontline workers 


  • Fight and protect aviation workers to ensure clean air in the cabin and hold airlines accountable 

  • ​Focus and pass legislation that will revitalize our crumbling infrastructure and invest in our low income communities




Transportation: News
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