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Living Wage
  • Raise the minimum wage, our district needs new and bold leadership willing to go above and beyond the bare minimum. $15 is the floor, we want a minimum of $18.00 - $24.00 across the country, nobody should work full-time only to continue being forced into poverty. Skyrocketing housing costs in Illinois, high taxes, and lack of resources have shown we need a fighter for people in Congress, not more special interests and platitudes. Corporate greed is at an all-time high while millions are forced into poverty. It's time corporations started paying their employees a living wage. I've always been an advocate and activist for increasing the wage; in fact, when working in the private sector I fought to increase wages for thousands of employees because nobody should work full time and be unable to pay the bills and struggle to put food on the table. I know what it's like to see family struggles and forcing people into poverty is a policy choice, we can change it.  

  • Stop investing in never ending-wars. - We do not need a bigger defense budget, America should be focusing on international peace, human rights, and funding programs like housing for all, healthcare, and working to create a society that's works for all of us. We've spent far too long promoting never-ending wars; it's time to promote peace and human rights. We need to bring our troops home and cut our defense budget starting with a minimum 10% cut to fund programs like housing, and healthcare. We also have a commitment to our veterans; We need to fully fund the Department of Veteran Affairs and work to address the disastrous backlog of benefits, we have an obligation to our service members and we should do everything to provide the support, education, and care they need.

  • End the housing crisis by investing in permanent affordable housing - We have hundreds of thousands of homeless citizens in our country and if we took just a fraction of what we spend on our defense budget and treated housing as a human right we could end homelessness. - The fact of the matter is we could end this crisis and fund affordable housing for all by simply cutting the defense budget by less than 10%.

  • Provide free 4-year public college - We have a crisis in our country, millions of students are graduating college with a degree in one hand and crippling life-long debt in the other, no student should be denied an education or a lifetime of debt for seeking higher education, we should provide free public college for all and cancel student debt. Studies have shown that canceling the $1.4 trillion in outstanding debt would actually contribute $86-$110 billion to our GDP. 

  • Expand and Protect Social Security - No American after a lifetime of hard work should ever have to worry about having enough money to retire, the truth is we should protect and expand social security to ensure everyone has a secured future after leaving the workforce

  • Abolish the cash-bail system, end mass incarcerations and for-profit prisons - America has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, the prison system is a corporation designed to profit off the pain and suffering of millions of Americans, it's no secret that we have an unjust system that targets low-income communities especially our minority communities. We need to end the greed in our justice system and work to reduce our prison population by more than half, we should also be investing and revitalizing our communities. 

  • ​Climate Action / The Green New Deal - Tackle our Climate Emergency, build a more sustainable future, and save endangered species -  Our planet is dying and it's hurting low-income and communities of color more than anyone, nobody should have to ever worry about our environment and water systems poisoning them. We need an environment that puts people over corporate greed and focuses on a sustainable and green future for all of us. If we fail to act boldly and swiftly the damage could become irreversible, global climate change is a threat to the human species and the time to act is now. The Green New Deal would bring millions of good union-paying jobs and save our planet.

  • Women's rights - demand equal pay, protect Roe v. Wade, end workplace harassment and violence - The truth is women made 82 cents for every dollar men made in 2019. Our system is rigged, and the wage gap only got worse for our communities of color - In 2019 black women were paid 63% of what non-Hispanic white men earned, which means it took black women on average to work an additional 7 months to earn the same. National earnings for all women showed that men earn 12% more on average, equal work should mean equal pay. 

  • Immigration reform - protect DACA; expand immigration policies to provide a fair and just system that offers a clear path towards citizenship and that protects those seeking asylum. We have a crisis in this country that turns its back on those seeking a better life. We need humane immigration policies that are fair and just.  

  • Unions for All - Corporate greed is at an all-time high, it's not a secret that corporations are spending millions on union-busting tactics ​to keep workers from unionizing. Raleigh has been a proud union member for years and knows the importance of collective bargaining.  Workers deserve a fair wage, benefits, paid family/sick leave and it's time for corporations to pay their fair share. 

  • Gun Reform - Take on the NRA. Expand background checks. The truth is that all gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards. We have a crisis in this country, we have almost 400 million civilian-owned guns which means we could give every single person in our country a firearm and still have tens of millions leftover. The corruption from organizations like the NRA has no place in Washington, it's time we remove special interests from politics take on gun lobbyists, and work on national policies and legislation that make our country safer. 

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  • Expand and invest in rail systems and create accessible transportation for low income communities, invest in these communities, and create a safe and transit system that works for all. 

  • Invest in a national high speed rail system. 

  • Stop by-passing low income communities, while at the same time waiting long periods of time for more affluent neighborhoods - accountability 

  • Invest in our communities and build pathways to success and health care

  • Invest and revitalize highways and expand to tackle the commute crisis 

  • Fight for and expand healthcare and union representation for all transportation workers; rail, aviation, commercial, etc.

  • Work to create a safe and welcoming travel environment 

  • Fight for frontline workers 


  • Fight and protect aviation workers to ensure clean air in the cabin and hold airlines accountable 

  • ​Focus and pass legislation that will revitalize our crumbling infrastructure and invest in our low income communities. 


Healthcare for All

Health Care for all
  • Create a Medicare for All, national health insurance program to provide everyone health care coverage on a national level. This will ensure that millions of uninsured and underinsured will finally have access to quality care and can get the help they need. 


  • Millions of Americans are forced into poverty every year because of medical debt; with Medicare For All there will be no surprise bills, no premiums, and no deductibles. 


  • ​An estimated 26% of Americans struggle with some sort of mental health illness but nearly half don't get the help they need because of cost and the stigma surrounding seeking care. We must work to expand mental health services and make it widely accessible and free. 


  • Medicare For All will expand and improve coverage for millions and will include dental, vision, comprehensive coverage for prescription drugs, mental health care, and so much more. 


  • The common argument against Medicare For ALL is that millions of people prefer their own health insurance. But recent studies have shown quite the opposite; in fact, recent polling shows more than 69% of eligible voters favor a Medicare for All system.


  • Another argument frequently used is that the government will have total control as to whether or not you get "quality care" and will make your medical decisions for you; this is simply NOT true. Under Medicare for All, you will still get to choose your doctor and remain in control of your medical decisions. 


  • Over the next 10 years if we keep our current system, it will cost approximately $52 trillion and will contribute to about 70,000 unnecessary deaths per year. 


  • How can we pay for it? Well, there are a number of proposals. But, we can pay for it by taxing extreme wealth, closing the many corporate tax loops-holes that exist, and by using an income based scale system. 


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Justice Reform

  • ​America is the world’s leader in jailing individuals

  • Black Americans are 5x more likely to be jailed vs white Americans

  • Prisons profit off longer sentences and by keeping them filled

  • Prisons and cities rake in billions off our most vulnerable communities

  • Thousands of Americans are held in jail/prisons for non-violent crimes simply because they don't have the money for bail. ​​

What We Will Do

  • Abolish private prisons. 

  • Abolish the cash-bail system for misdemeanors

  • End the war on drugs

  • Legalize Marijuana on the national level

  • End profits off peoples pain

  • A national Police accountability team and department reforms

  • Criminal Justice overhaul and ensure convictions are fair and just.​​

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